Taking into account the critical necessity of integrated management system (IMS) and hygiene, safety, and environment (HSE) system in operation and the risk of non-compensable outcomes of failure to observe the requirements, Pournam Co. finds it part of its responsibility to observe HSE guidelines thoroughly. Fortunately and as demonstrated by the low rate of incidents and damages, we are proud to say that respecting safety codes is of our principles.

To respect the rights of employees and stakeholders, the company observes all the codes and regulations of safety at work, occupational hygiene, and environment. To this end, the company runs HSE management programs in its headquarters. Throughout programs and initiatives to add the requirements of quality system and international standards like OHSAS18001:2007 (safety management and occupational hygiene) and ISO14001:2004 (environment management) to the routine operation of the company, we have managed to secure IMS and HSE certificates.