Construction of Kamal Saleh Reservoir Dam and associated facilities with completion operations

Employer: Regional Water Company of Markazi Province

Consultant: Lar Consulting Engineers Co.

Location of the Project: 74 km from Arak city and 46 km south of Shazand city

Duration of Project: 49 months


  • Type of dam: clay core rockfoil dam – Altitude from foundation: Maximum 80 meters – Dam  crest length: 762 meters
  • Reservoir: Lake area at normal level: 4.37 sq. Km.
  • Total volume: 110 million cubic meters
  • Type of overflow: Ogee
  • Overflow dam crest length: 90 m – Maximum overflow capacity: 1100 cubic meters per second – Overflow situation: On the right abutment
  • Diversion system and bottom outlet
  • Position: Dam
  • Total volume of excavation operations: 5,369,036 m3 – The volume of back fill operations: 2,741,593 m3 – The core volume: 331,890 m3 – Total volume of concrete: 91,336 m3

Golestan Dam 2 with complementary operations

Employer: Mazandaran & Golestan Regional Water Company

Consultant: Tehran Berkeley Consulting Engineers Co.

Location: Golestan Dam 2 is located at 35 km northeast of Gonbad-e-Kavus city on Gorganroud river.

Duration of Project: 36 months


  • Type of dam: Homogeneous earth dam – Height from foundation: Maximum 35 m – Dam crest length: 622 m – Dam crest width: 10 m
  • Reservoir: Volume of the reservoir at the level of the overflow dam crest: 54 million cubic meters
  • Type of overflow: free – overflow crest length: 40 m – maximum overflow capacity: 785 m 3 / s
  • Diversion system and bottom outlet: Position: Dam body
  • Total volume of operation: volume of excavation and canal operation: 3,800,000 m3 – back fill operation volume: 3,000,000 cubic meters – pile drilling: 4,000 meter

Piran Hydroelectric Power Plant

Employer: Iran Water & Power Resources Development Company

Consultant: Sakoo Consulting Engineers Co.

Location of the project: West of Kermanshah province in the vicinity of SarPol-e Zahab city

Duration of Project: 21 month


This project is EPC and is designed to take advantage of the water potential of the Rijab River (after deduction of agricultural entitlements).

The main components of the diversion section are:

  • Sediment discharge system and energy dissipating
  • Sediment discharge system
  • Intake system
  • Side walls
  • Hydromechanical equipment
  • The construction of the canal to about 9212 meters long
  • Construction of a siphon with a length of about 1700 meters and a maximum capacity of 0.3 m 3 / s
  • Construction of a volumetric tank of 50,000 cubic meters
  • The construction of Penstock is 920 meters long
  • Construction of power plant

The Piran Hydroelectric Power is equipped with two Pelton Wheel with a horizontal axis, each with a power plant of 2.4 megawatts with a nominal gross altitude of 318 meters. The components of the Piran Hydroelectric power Plant are as follows:

  • Mechanical equipment of the power plant
  • Electrical equipment of the power plant
  • Building of the Power plant
  • Construction of tail-water to length of 800 meters

Construction and Completion of Yasuj Chain Power Plants

Employer: Iran Water & Power Resources Development Company

Consultant: Dezab Consulting Engineers co.

Location of the project: Yasouj

Duration of Project: 16 months


-The construction of three chambers of the power plant with concrete structures in accordance with the standards of industrial structures with landscaping to the level of foundation each, 800 m 2.

  • Concrete amount of 5,300 cubic meters
  • Reinforcement value 240,000 kg

Due to the combination of structures with the equipment, the foundation of the building is of particular complexity.

– Opening of the route and construction of the service road is in accordance with the standards of roads grade 2 earth, in the mountainous pass, and rocky land with a length of 2 km, volume of land operations of 120,000 m3 (excavation and dumping)

– Implementation of the Penstock pipeline with a diameter of 1,200 mm (48 inches) of steel in a mountainous pass, and land, in accordance with the standards of water transmission lines for 2 km.

– Intake of Concrete tank with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters using geosynthetic materials (geomembrane, geotextile and geoderin) with an area of ​​12,000 square meters.

– Construction of a bypass with a 1100-meter-long polyethylene pipe and a 400-meter-long steel pipe with a steep slope of up to 55% including route channel and tubing operations.

In this part of the project, the company re-evaluated the design, by changing the option of a concrete step chute to a tube chute, for the first time in the design of these power plants, it was able to design and implement a tube chute. These chutes are subject to a hydraulic test and their performance is confirmed. As a result of this change, the running time was reduced by 80% compared to concrete chute.

 – Construction of a small deviation band with a dam crest length of 8 meters and a height of 3 meters from the river bed to adjust the flow rate to 1.60 m3 / sec. Concrete amount of 800 cubic meters.

 – Construction of 33 kV single circuit power transmission line and connecting to Yasouj substation with 52/7 km in mountainous pass.