Safety and Health Policy

POURNAM Co. as one of the active companies in all contracting industries in order to expand its activities in the widest range of geographical areas and to compete with similar companies at the domestic and international levels and to create diversity in contracts by establishing an integrated management system IMS based on the standard ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007, and in pursuit of the highest global standards in construction, with the aim of the successful completion of projects with the highest quality is committed to the following:

– Compliance with all national and international quality requirements

– Conservation of natural resources and ecosystems and prevention of environmental pollution based on laws and regulations.

– Increase knowledge and awareness of personnel in relation to global quality standards

– Design and development of quality management systems and continuous improvement system

– Pay attention to the views of all beneficiary parties, including employers and project suppliers, and applying their constructive comments.

– Increase personnel participation in deploying management systems

I have, with full confidence in the maximum interaction with the personnel, consultant and employer, provided the necessary resources to achieve the provisions of this policy. So I ask all colleagues to observe, maintain and fully implement the compiled documentation in order to fulfill the above provisions.

and in pursuit of the highest international standards in the field of construction, is committed to the following in the framework of the successful completion of projects of the highest quality.

Managing Director

Siavash amini