Field of Activity

POURNAM Company that is registered under number 96991 in Tehran Company Registration Office on 8th of May 1993, deals with construction of dams, irrigation and drainage, road construction, construction buildings, and construction of hydroelectric power plants. The objective of this company is active participation at the national, regional and global levels in construction by creating an improved organization to enhance welfare for humans, relying on individual rights and abilities, and adherence to scientific and professional methods, and commitment in implementation of projects with desirable, speed in operations and endeavoring to complete and provide the interests of the parties. Pournam now has ratings as follows, in ranking of the Plan & Budget Organization:

A) Rank 1 – Water B) Rank 1 – Roads   C) Rank 3 – Construction & Building    

D) Rank 3 – Utilities & Equipment E) Rank 3 – Power F) Rank 5 – Industry & Mining

Types of dam construction: including the implementation of earth and concrete dams and drilling of water diversion tunnels and diversion dams

Irrigation and drainage: construction of irrigation and drainage networks, dredge of irrigation networks and river banks.

Light building: construction of residential, commercial, industrial and towers

Heavy building: construction of factories including wheat silage, cement, cooling tower, chimneys and other heavy metal and concrete buildings, roads,  and runways, docks, hydroelectric power plants, etc.

The company has completed national projects such as implementation of Kamal Saleh Reservoir Dam in Markazi Province, Golestan Dam 2, pumping station and water transmission line, irrigation and drainage network of Golestan 2, irrigation and drainage network of Golestan 1 in Golestan Province, Water transmission channel in Chalous, water-supply canal to Naz Plain, stabilization of Tajan River bed,  and Semeskandeh & Sfivard diversion dams,  Construction of Sidrood Canal and Babol Sewage Network in Mazandaran Province, Yasuj hydroelectric power plants in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province, Kamal Saleh Reservoir Dam Project, Piran hydroelectric power plant  in Kermanshah province, Water diversion tunnels, input & output structures of Narmab Dam, Access road to dam crest, and alternative road of Liseh, construction of canals and main drains of Ghareh Sou – Zaringol irrigation and drainage network in Golestan province, Sub-network of rain irrigation of the Aq chai in West Azerbaijan, construction of part 1 and the remaining of part 3 of the alternative roads of Khodaafarin dam  in East Azarbaijan , and has the implementation of the following projects under construction: non-level intersections (Khabat underpass and Mamoustaeian overpass) in Sulaymaniyah – Iraq, the bridge and the road of Warmawa – Darbandi Khan in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the Tehran – Shomal Freeway – the section AB1, District 1, Financing, designing and construction of Badghan roller concrete dam, designing and constructing irrigation and drainage sub-networks in the Dasht-e  Abbas, constructing a water tunnel, preparation of the water transmission system in Kurdistan province, construction of Aqdakesh diversion dam and flood transfer channel, construction of the main channels and drains of Ghare Sou – Zaringol project in Ali Abad Katoul, Golestan 1 drainage irrigation network 1 (Unit 2).